Fengxian District

Again to Fengxian (奉贤区) today. It’s part of Shanghai, but maybe the fact it doesn’t feel that way is the best part about it. So in love with this place. I know my obsession won’t last, but there’s so much to explore.

The museum bundles a lot of places we’ve already visited.

There’s an exhibition on the sea dikes of Shanghai, including a story on the Huating sea wall.

Article: The Great Wall of Shanghai

It also mentions how these sea walls were built, not just to keep the water out, but to fend off pirates.

Article: Words waiting to be spoken

It also mentions the many towns, such as Qingxi or Fengjing (technically in Jinshan District).

And there’s a segment about wars. Fengxian went through four battles, during The Taiping Rebellion, the Civil War (both phases), and the war with Japan.

Article: The Old Japanese Fortress

So many people in Shanghai are missing out by not going here. You can literally just visit by metro (line 5).

From the museum, I got some inspiration for new places to visit, and will be back to this area.