Bike radius on the map

To Qingxi Ancient Town (青溪古镇) in Shanghai’s Fengxian District and back again, in total an eighty kilometers bike ride. I just randomly picked this on the map. It’s not a famous destination or anything, but that in itself is also relaxing. Apart from walking around, having a look, and some food, I’m expecting that much. This way of exploration never disappoints.

And a bicycle is a way more feasible means of transport than people realize. From my home, it’d take 40 minutes to get here by car, and another 5 to park. On bike, it took me 90 minutes, so double the amount of time. But on the weekends you should have plenty of time anyway?

It doesn’t feel like wasted time, as you’re on small roads rather than a highway. Plus you burn 750 calories each way. Even if you’d only want to cycle 30 km — which I reckon most people can do — that’s still a 15 km radius on the map from which you can choose destinations. (Sometimes we do a one-way trip only, getting a Huolala (货拉拉) to return with our bikes in the back of the van, doubling the radius we can choose from.)