Why I like writing

Whether spoken out or written down, I love words to a great deal. Put in form like the 1843’s tale The Ugly Duckling, the video-game Heavy Rain or the movie Zodiac, words tell us so much. And stories entice me. I love reading about the Black Dahlia murder, the life of Vasily Zaytsev or the inventions of Nikola Tesla. It seems a bit haphazardous, but I read Wikipedia articles for fun.

And it’s not some form of schizophrenia, but when I speak, I mumble, stumble and stutter. Say the wrong words. But when I’m writing, I can calmly select the right words in the right order and say what I want to say.

Now, I don’t have the pretention that I happen to be a great writer, but writing is something I enjoy and that’s enough for me. I love to analyze snippets of thoughts and unravel my itching curiosity. I try to put that down in words as best as I can and a small percentage of that finds place here. That’s why this website is my own archive in the first place, self-made, especially for me. Nonetheless, I’m really glad you’re reading and I hope you’ll find my articles as interesting as I thought writing them was.