Travelling alone

I’ve done two holidays alone. I always wanted to go on a cycling holiday, but I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to come with me.. In 2009 I got on my bike alone, after which I cycled a thousand kilometers in five days, to the middle of France (Dijon, the mustard city). I noticed so many things you don’t see from the highway. On the bike I saw every village, every church, the residents, the baker, the children who ran a hundred meters behind me.

And in 2012 I went to Mumbai for two weeks, also alone. The trip was also to visit advertising agencies and meet people I knew through the internet. I spoke to a lot of people from agencies and for example went to a DJ, and was allowed to talk live on Mumbai’s biggest radio about my trip.

Traveling alone gives you the space to do exactly what you want and to discover. Also partly yourself, I think – because you reflect everything on yourself and your notebook.

A cat I met in Mumbai, 2012.