Thinking Fast and Slow review

Reading Thinking, Fast and Slow is a humbling experience, as Daniel Kahneman shows we’re not the pinnacles of reasons who we think we are. Kahneman describes how our intuition is prone to many cognitive errors and thus often wrong. He does so through talking about the two systems of our brain; one being fast, intuitive, emotional, energy efficient, the other being slow, more deliberate, logical, algorithmic, energy consuming. It is a simple concept, yet Kahneman describes it in fine detail, including the far reaching consequences. The vocabulary is crisp, pinpointing the difference between seemingly similar terms such as probability and possibility, and rationality and reason. Yet be warned; despite its clear language; don’t pick this book if you’re looking for a light read. It’s thick and each page jam-packed — and bar some repetition, it’ll require your full attention. Yet thanks to all its brilliance, that’s exactly what this book deserves.