Hoe lang nog zwijgen review

In ‘Hoe lang nog zwijgen’ Fidan Ekiz talks about the topic of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries (such Turkey), and the issues that come together with their civil integration into the Dutch society. Ekiz is critical towards both natives and immigrants — and pleads to find ‘the radical middle’. It’s a good message, but Fidan still turned it into an average book. She rambles and rambles, and gives us all the clichés we already get aplenty from her peers; the I-hope’s and We-must-believe’s, and the “for our future and that of our children”. A meaningful message is drowned, which would have shined like a lighthouse if Ekiz would have just stuck to the message of her parents, because it is personal, touching and it provides a new view on the subject for a native like myself.  Oh Fidan, what have you done. If only you would have dared to not spell everything to the letter, and would have just let your reader come to your conclusion.