Rendezvous with Rama review

“Here, the curve of the earth did not hide it, it revealed it.”

Rendezvous with Rama describes the weird world of inside Rama, and it’s a real trip through the eyes and minds of its explorers. In this sense it reminds me of the video game Myst; a world that comes without explanation, without purpose — with the real story slowly unraveling.

The book is almost 50 years old, but feels timeless — apart from some vary basic technology we take for granted today, such as smartphones. Yet Clarke thought through the impact that humans living on other planets within the solar system, and the impact on culture or politics and society. For this it feels very whole.

Yet I do feel this book is just an introduction book, it’s not a full story — and so I eagerly await part 2 & 3. Probably these books should not be individually reviewed (and should have not been individually released) but should be seen as one large combined book.