Ready Player Two review

Ready Player Two is a bit like ‘meh’ movie sequels that take the same cast of a popular movie and basically copy the story: old wine, new bags. But I absolutely loved Ready Player One, and so I also loved being back in The Oasis with Wade and the gang, this amazing mix of nostalgia and sci-fi. I also like Ernest Cline’s writing style; it reads super fast and even though everything is slightly exaggerated, it’s energetic and immersive.
But RP2 lacks the sense of wonder and love that RP1 had. And the story runs out of momentum halfway, and then basically becomes a list of fan trivia smashed together on a page, and a checklist of how to navigate through those simulations.
By the end of page 300-something, the formula of a quest for keys or shards feels tired, just in time to wrap up the book.
Looking on Goodreads and Reddit, the book produced a lot of negative reviews. Yet I’ll still cherish this. It’s that familiar geek-appeal, and it still touches on some mature themes, including human connection, technology and progress, and identity.
Plus, I think the Ready Player series will also introduce a whole new audience to book reading. I’m just not sure if there should be a third part, if it’s another copy like this.