Characters in the wild

Three characters in the wild: “油坊 Yóufáng” (Oil mill). In the back of the building was indeed an oil press. Eva tells me about her grandpa who also had a 油坊 business, how people can bring nuts or something and then for a tiny fee her grandpa would turn it into oil.

The second one is “钓黑鱼, 16元/斤 Diào hēiyú, 16 yuán/jīn” (Blackfish fishing, 16 RMB for half a kilo). It’s a fishing pond, you need to catch the fish yourself and then pay 32 RMB per kilo.

The third is “水灰Shuǐ huī” (Water-ash) but it’s some kind of local dialect word, referring to water-cement ratio, or perhaps it refers to concrete itself who will make and use concrete for you.