Together with a Jonas Kamber, I ran Lookslikegooddesign, which later moved to LLGD.NET. Jonas did most in the founding years, I from 2012 to 2014. I’d select designs from submissions but also the likes of Behance, crop them onto the right size and have three posts per day, catering to around 15.000 visitors per day, or 21 million in total during the time the website was live.

“LLGD.NET has a rather nice interface, and highly qualitative and visual content. Jaap Grolleman is the man in charge, and he sailed this course for four years with his editorial choices on identity, typography, object design, fashion and photography. Treat yourself!” Source

“I found myself on website LLGD.NET for some great visual stimulation. It was one of those lunch time rabbit holes you find yourself in sometimes. no plan of where I’m go so going with the flow. This website has no interference from descriptive text — just big beautiful, tiled images. It felt like creative syrup I drank in with my eyes.” Source