Fighting a common enemy

The most difficult problem to solve is one that’s invisible or indescribable, a problem in which not everybody believes. It doesn’t have a single cause, but is rather an accumulation of many problems. Such a problem only becomes worse when left alone, and even worse; time is running out. What makes the most difficult kind of problem even more problematic, is that the central authority needed to address it, is nonexistent, and if it’s there it is weak and pushes the required response forward into the future.

There are only two problems in this category of which I can think of. In Game of Thrones’ realm, the White Walkers, also known as the Army of the Dead (“Winter is coming”). And in our own world, it’s climate change (“Summer is coming”). Both ‘enemies’ have the power to change the weather and threat the whole human race, while ‘we’ are too busy with each other, rather than to face our common enemy.

The Targaryen’s, Starks and Lannisters are not that different from our China, India, the USA and Europe. We’ve to make short term sacrifices and put away differences and focus long term. It’s time for collective action, or as Jon Snow said: “We’re all on the same side, we’re all breathing.”