Een glimlach uit het Oosten review

Libbrecht starts as a jovial old man, not too serious with modern life and its many quicks, but gradually pulls the book into other territories. Some gathered paragraphs:

“I carry within me the whole past of the earth. I’m the product of everything that has preceded me, and in fact of the entire cosmos. However, I have a dose of free energy, and I can give it all a certain push. “I have moved a stone into the river, now the river will forever be different.”

This is also the reason why we shouldn’t look towards the past with questions of blame, but on the contrary correct mistakes in the future.

Everything that I have done in my life continues after me, it has become part of history. Why do I have to continue to exist as some kind of ‘soul’ myself, when it is good to continue to exist as an ‘act’?

With the free energy that was available to me, I’ve done many deeds—karma—and these deeds have become incorruptible. So I survive my meager existence. The world is not a sum of things, the world is a bundle of deeds.”