Warcross review

It’s easy to dislike this book (but hard to hate, I guess). Because Warcross by Marie Lu is full of youth-adult fiction clichés, and everything feels just a bit too exaggerated. Plus the pacing of this book feels wrong, first too slow and then too fast. But it’s also easy to like, for Warcross is a really fun and fast book with a female protagonist with Chinese heritage — written with the zeitgeist of now; online security, Twitch, phones, online games, eating instant noodles & problems to pay the rent in a big metropolis. This story and the way it’s told shouldn’t work, and yet it does. It’s full of energy, and although it’s not high literature I’m sure it attracts a lot of new readers to the world of books.

“…where those who might otherwise be powerless in real life can now become incredibly powerful.”