Turtles and longevity

“I used to work on a boat and we often ate turtles. And I kept several as a pet. One I had for 50 years, but he grew so big and ate so much. Meat. Too expensive. I didn’t want him anymore, I just ate him. What would you do? Oh, release in the wild? Yeah, that’s better.

Japanese people think turtles bring good luck into the house, they represent longevity. Because they live so long. Well, this small one is a 乌龟 (Chinese pond turtle), and the big one is a 巴西龟 (Brazilian turtle, Red-eared slider).

I’ve had him for 30 years. He knows me, he will climb on my leg. 好玩. But I worry he is sick, he has no way to tell me. Already during the lockdown, he was not so lively, but I couldn’t go anywhere. I just let him walk on the earth. Now I still bring him outside often.”