Tiger Cave Mountain

Goujian (who from 496–465 BC was the king of Yue) walked these hills a long time ago. The legend goes that a tiger jumped at him, roared three times and led him to this cave — declared a holy place by Goujian — now known as Tiger Cave (老虎洞) in Wenyan (闻堰镇) near Hangzhou.

The tiger is here, alright. Many families make the trip each year, and some people put coins in its jaw — but most people just take photos.

And a super tiny passage leads to the Buddhist temple below (there’s also a conventional path, but that one is less fun).

勾践 (从公元前496-465年为越国的国王)很久以前在这些山丘徒步。一只老虎出现了,吼了三次,然后带着勾践到这个地方。他宣布了这是一个圣地,今日被称为闻堰镇的“老虎洞”。