The Outsider review

“A person did what a person could, whether it was setting up gravestones or trying to convince twenty-first-century men and women that there were monsters in the world, and their greatest advantage was the unwillingness of rational people to believe.”

Did you ever feel an author wrote a whole book just to one sentence? Libra from Don DeLillo is like that, and here’s another one. A sentence that transcends the book, a sentence that is served by the book rather than the other way around.

That’s the backbone of this book, even if the first & second halves feel like different books.

This was the first novel of Stephen King I’ve read — and although I am familiar with his genre having seen the movies The Shining and It, I was expecting some fast-food horror, especially because King has written over 60 books. But ‘The Outsider’ is a cleverly crafted book, a detective and combining horror.

The characters are all distinct, the writing style superb and lively. King knows how to create atmosphere; reading it feels like a movie. And yet it was a tad predictable too.