The Fellowship of the Ring review

Usually, when you read a genre-setting novel, it’s really cliché — such as Dune for sci-fi — because the books that followed all borrowed inspiration from its pages. And The Lord of the Rings does feel similar to other books (or games) I’ve spent time with, such as The Wheel of Time, or even World of Warcraft. That is not to blame the original (and some say Tolkien didn’t ‘invent’ the genre either, he just wrote the most famous novel of the genre), but it can take away pleasure in reading it.

But despite this, and despite the fact that this book was published almost seven decades ago, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ still feels fresh. I’m taken to Middle Earth, and I think about the roads and fields crossed by Frodo on my own walks in rural China. The book’s slow pace doesn’t make for a real gripping page-turner, but Tolkien’s words are a delight to read, the world created in my mind a lovely place to be. Plus it feels monumental to finally read this book that had such a big influence.