Can saving the world please be fun?

Last Sunday I was at the People’s Climate March, in Amsterdam. I really enjoyed the songs, the insights, the jokes, and it was fantastic to see so many people committed for a better climate. I’m committed as well, although I don’t bring banners.

Saving the world should be fun, otherwise it’s not going to happen. Calling what’s wrong isn’t fun: ‘fossil fuels are bad’, ‘sea levels are rising’, ‘the poles are melting’, ‘millions around the world have no clean drinking water’. Sustainable options are more than just alternative to this.

Can’t we look at great things and admire them for what they are? That’s where I get my energy from. I don’t go to work every day, thinking about polluted oceans, rather clean air, clean oceans, more jobs, healthy people and biodiversity. Showing people we can get energy from the sun and the wind, will hopefully leave the other – fossil – energy in the ground.

When a friend, relative or complete stranger asks me about Vandebron, I’m not going to mention the amount of particles CO2 in our atmosphere, neither do I communicate through a megaphone. I’d rather talk about how awesome our farmers are, how I met some of them in person, how I visited their lands, how I went home with potatoes from their land, how I visited their windmill, how I had their homemade cake. How much fun is that?

Improving the world and eating cake, that’s good enough for me.