Peace Park

Yeah covid dominates all the conversations in Shanghai, so I wanted to share about a park near where I live that re-opened after a long renovation. It’s beautiful and packed with happy people, but when I was about to leave all the gates were suddenly closed and nobody allowed in.

10:30 (AM) on a Thursday. I asked the guard closing the gate:
“Is there a positive case or close contact inside?”
“Are there too many people?”
“Then why are you closing the park?”
“I don’t know, we just got the call to close the park.”

You already need to scan a QR code and show 72H PCR results to get in, plus there’s a constant announcement on speakers to wear your face mask. I just shared some photos of the park on our compound’s WeChat group, so now I’m worried I’m dragging my building into quarantine.

Anyway, here’s to the flowers and aunties of 和平公园 (Peace Park).

It’s all new, plenty of photos are being taken.

(Not the only ones taking pictures.)

Sound pollution is taken seriously, at least by the designers of the park. Speakers are forbidden and these boards how much decibels are produced (can’t photograph it, but it said 65.5dD)

Not sure if I can walk on the grass…

Lots of parks in Shanghai have been closed for the majority of this year so it’s great we’re back to these scenes.