On the importance of strategic lawn mowing


If not for the essential difference that it is a lot smarter, strategic lawn would be a lot like normal lawn mowing.

With strategic lawn moving, instead of mindlessly mowing the closest patch of grass available, you would pause for a moment to look over the about-to-be-cut lawn to analyse your battlefield. Think about the path you’re about to follow. Make a plan. See if you can avoid doing some parts twice.
You’ll also want to prevent yourself from trampling the unmowed grass with your feet before you even get to the cutting part, as such a thing can never be strategic, and firmly belongs to normal lawn mowing.

Strategic lawn mowing isn’t a practise known to the public. Unjustified, I insist. Strategic lawn mowing is iconic to the vortex called life.

Many things – lawn mowing included – are found boring by the many people. Yet, would we surrender to our serendipitious whims and vagaries, we would accept the notion of boringness.
I for one, do not.

Life isn’t just about the result. Your lawn will look much the same whether mowed strategically or stupid. But – as often – how and why are more important than what.

Challenge yourself and everything around you, including the lawn.
And while you’re at it; enjoy the chase.