On random

I don’t think random exists. Everything happens for a reason. Even the position of where a raindrop lands is explainable. When you trow the dice, it’s possible to explain why it stopped at 3.

The notion of randomness violates the scientific method, and in reality, it does not occur anywhere in the known universe.

Think about it. Sometimes you (try) to do random things for a reason. So when I ask you to pick a random number between 1 and 10, you do that with a reason. In your mind you think about choosing the most random number you can imagine, and by doing so, making it planned. And when you must pick a random card from a deck that’s laid out wide, you don’t just pick one randomly, because you can’t. You think. You think to yourself, look to the far left and far right, the middle. And eventually you’ll pick one. But that choice isn’t random.

It’s like this with everything. Sometimes you can just see art being made up as if it was meant to be random but you can see a pattern. I call this ‘planned randomism’.

When you’re expecting a baby, you have about 50% chance it’s a boy, right? And 50% that it’s a girl. That doesn’t make it random. It’s still a boy or a girl for a reason. I’m not talking about religion or whatever when I say “it happens for a reason”. Scientists can perfectly explain why some babies are a boy and why some are a girl. And after Googling, so can I.

A scientific method requires, among other things, that any experiment proving a hypothesis must be repeatable.

Nobody has ever managed to present a repeatable experiment that supports the notion of randomness existing anywhere. Nobody has ever produced or observed any phenomenon of any type, anywhere, that has been objectively confirmed to be “random.”

Actually, the whole idea of “randomness” is nothing but an unscientific, irrational superstition.
In addition to random, I don’t believe in faith, omens, prejustices and coincidence either. (and probably a whole lot more things, which I can’t think of right now)