Merry capitalismas

So I red this article about a Christmas tree, costing 11 million dollar, being unveiled in a hotel in Abu Dhabi. If you didn’t know yet, Abu Dhabi, part of the United Arab Emirates, isn’t concidered a Christian country.

74% of it’s population is muslim. In fact, Abu Dhabi even banned Blackberry phones for “potentially violating Islamic Law” and put a couple in jail for one year for kissing in public. Yet they erect ginormous multimillion Christmas tree. For what? To celebrate the birth of the son of God?

To me, this is the proof Christmas is no longer a Christian holiday. It became phony. A holiday to celebrate materialism and greed. The capitalist way. Why else do we buy tons and tons of crappy Christmas gifts, things we don’t even need? Do Christians honestly believe that’s still in line with their religion? Or how do they justify the billions and billions of Christmas lights on their houses? Is that really what Jesus would have wanted? Apart from that, I don’t see how that fits with the whole “going green” hype lately. It seems as if around Christmas we don’t care anymore.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t dislike Christmas. The nature of Christmas is wider than the principles of any religion. It expresses good will in a cheerful, happy and free way.

But to say Christmas is a holiday exclusivly for Christianity is incorrect, hence I call it a capitalist holiday. Not least for sales going up to like, 15% compared to other seasons.