Going back to your childhood is part of growing up

My dad always had these vinyl records and I never understood why. CD’s were long out and in comparison vinyl records are big and every four songs you have to turn them around. The sound quality isn’t that good either; they’re riddled with cracking noises. Also, I didn’t like his music, because what was popular when I was a teenager was very different. But now, almost twenty years later, I love vinyl records. Not the new ones you see in the stores, but the ones my dad has. What I have in that imagination is partly myself too. I think when we grow up, we first wander to explore ourselves, but we develop too far, either because we wanted to separate from our family and create our own identities, or we’re influenced by our friends. But we will come back to our roots, one way or another. I think that’s why I love vinyl, among other things I didn’t like as a child. Going back to your childhood is part of growing up.