GoEast Mandarin

GoEast Mandarin is a top Chinese language school, online and in Shanghai — with effective and fun teaching. I studied there, but felt that their communication lacked behind the quality of their teaching, and looked all the same as all language schools in Shanghai.

My time was primarily spend on three things:

  • Optimizing existing assets (mainly websites and promotion items on-campus: new visual identity, easier to use, quicker to schedule a class, etcetera)
  • More traffic to website (PR campaigns & SEO & content creation)
  • A new strategy for the online platform (ongoing)

Old website:


Old documentation:


Old separation between self-learning course & live teachers:

Old online learning tool:

Early 2019, a new identity was designed and a new website was developed, which was hosted (and thus faster) in mainland China, as well as placements on websites such as GoOverseas.

New online learning tool:

New promotion materials:


Dozens of WeChat posts (among other social media):

Struck partnerships with several expat brands, including Burger King China, Sherpa’s and Ni Hao Italy, as well as NGO’s like Make-a-Wish Shanghai.

Articles on websites like ThatsMag Shanghai.

Promotion of our event on ThatsMag (visible enough?).

Partners posting about it

Make-a-wish team at the Summer Market

Burger King China team at Summer Market

Hung up a banner on the campus across an expat swimming pool: “Learning Chinese is as fun as swimming”


One of the education/PR campaigns was to teach in Fortnite. Article on the biggest tech website in the Netherlands and RTL Nieuws , JFK and Tweakers.


Marketingfacts: https://marketingfacts.nl/berichten/chinees-leren-in-fortnite


EsportExperts: https://esportsxperts.nl/buitenland/gaming-als-middel-voor-maatschappelijke-doelstellingen/

Lifeswap event on ThatsMag: https://www.thatsmags.com/shanghai/post/28424/robert-s-story-fishing-for-shrimps-in-the-village-of-fengpuao

Lifeswap on China Daily: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201906/24/WS5d108fada3103dbf14329ebe_1.html


GoEast bicycles:

Event with SmartShanghai:


Many posters

Bicycles at hotspots


TimeOut Shanghai about GoEast’s mahjong nights