Dutch comfort & crudeness

Two weeks in the Netherlands. We’re not that known for any 美食 (great food), and compared to Chinese food I’m sure it looks crude, but for me, it’s all real comfort food:

1. Real bread and real cheese 👌

2. Battered chunks of fish and tartar, and
3. My mom’s tomato soup

4. Fries with peanut sauce & mayo (the Dutch name means something like ‘Chaos fries’) and minced-meat sausage with curry & mayo — both with raw onions

5. Apple pie

6. Croquette deep-fried meat ragout with breadcrumbs and French mustard

7. Strawberry custard cake (but I guess this is French cuisine more than Dutch…), and
8. But IMO the best (and quintessential Dutch), potatoes, meatballs and vegetables