Death on the Nile review

I was reading ‘Journey Under the Midnight Sun’ and in praise, Keigo Higashino was compared to Agatha Christie. Then that same week, Christie was referred to in a news article about the Orient Express, and then that same week I found this book in a second-hand bookstore. Three strikes of coincidence, enough for me to start it.

— The story fits like one of those wooden puzzles that are hard to put together, but once they click they’re solid. and just like those, this story is such a game, played by Agatha Christie. We readers are played. There are so many characters in there, and they all seem to have a motive or something suspicious about them. It’s a fun read, that feels a tad cliché but my guess is that it was Agatha Christie (who wrote this book in 1937) who introduced these in the first place. Death on the Nile is a fun and fast read.