Citizens of the Bowery

The Bowery is a lively neighbourhood in New York, thanks to a close-knit community. For a hotel that’s about citizens of the world, it made sense to highlight the citizens of the Bowery — and so KesselsKramer teamed up with photographer Christelle de Castro to honour the locals on the new 22-floor hotel: “Welcome to all citizens of the world and all citizens of the Bowery.”


“My family has been there since 1910. Place was a dump. It was a dump! My father, RIP, said the Bowery was a thermometer, a register of what went on in the economy. People came to the Bowery to buy. Everyone would buy something. If I didn’t sell them something, someone else would.” – Brian Faerman, cash register store owner.


“My friends and I once wanted to just randomly buy kids ice-cream just because it was a hot day. They thought we were rap stars.” – Richard Sharp (Rico), construction/rap act/graphic designer. Trying to be a superstar.


“I lived for many years on Bowery and Lafayette. The memory I like is walking with John Michael Basquiat. He was high and giving out $20 bills to the homeless… that day he handed out 50 bills. To see their faces was a delight.” – Amos Poe, filmmaker.


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