Benidorm and Baduka

We just randomly picked a lake on the map in Changxing (长兴) and somehow we ended up in a sort of Benidorm. Lots of seniors from Shanghai. The place is named 水口茶文化景区 (Shuikou Tea Culture Scenic Area), but locals here even refer to this place as 上海老人村: Shanghai Elderly Village. Lots of tea, herbs, and pork are on sale, with some visitors saying the prices are even higher than in Shanghai. But overpriced or not,  still everybody is leaving with some purchased goods.

They’re happy but loud and I’m happy to leave the place.

Things are more relaxed in Chuanbu Village (川步村). It’s just a creek but people barbeque there, kids and dogs play. A nearby stone has the inscription ‘Longevity Spring’ (长寿命泉), and water comes flowing out of a rock. Lots of locals come here with empty bottles to fill them up (“It’s good for drinking and making tea”), and a shop owner is even selling empty jugs.


It’s now evening and we’re in a village called Baduka (八都岕). “That last character”, says the owner of the guesthouse”, is normally written as  ‘jiè’, but in our local language it’s ‘kǎ’.  this place named. She gives us some loquat to try. Hers, and some from the neighbors. “The ones from our neighbor, they’re not ripe yet, but the birds were eating it, if he didn’t pick them, there’d be nothing left”. Hers are sweeter.