Ayis show the way

I keep reading about how our behavior and deeply rooted beliefs will be permanently changed by covid19.

It’s worth pointing out that Shanghai is totally back to normal, except for some measures (schools closed, wearing facemasks, temperature checks). Kids & parents playing outside, people spending the money they saved in Feb/March on clothes and bubble tea. The ayis have taken their usual position in the xiaoqu.

Office work also resumed. The first days everyone wore facemasks inside because it was the new normal (& offices feel semi-public), but that waned within a few days. And at GoEast, a Mandarin school, a lot of colleagues choose to work on campus, even though all our classes are online.

I could share photos, but it’s just very mundane. A colleague bought sunflowers to put on the table, we have lunch together, we laugh at silly APPs that predict our personality based on three questions. The bottles of disinfectants remain untouched in the corner.