Autumn in Zhangjiagang

Autumn in the Jiangsu city of Zhangjiagang (张家港).

Because of the rain we have the park (香山) almost for ourselves.
Still, there’s a sign warning against PDA. First time I’ve ever seen one and it almost reads like a joke? The second part of the translation should be: “Refuse intimate contact.”

In the Buddhist temple, Eva recognizes the accent as from Rugao (如皋), a city across the river. After a bit of curiosity both ways, we find out the man and his whole family were sent here to man the temple.

In the city center, we found this Xinjiang food store with the most fantastic naan (馕) & samsa (烤包子). See the Uyghur script on the top of the storefront. Also the lady (wearing an Uyghur shirt) spoke Uyghur with her husband, and standard Mandarin with us.