An abandoned church in Pudong

The St. Francis Church of the Eastern Shi Family  (东施家圣方济各堂), built in 1896.

Historic Pudong wrote about it before, but I never knew where it was. Then Eva cycled past it and sent me the location, but she didn’t dare to enter alone because of stray dogs. I couldn’t see those stray dogs today, but I still wasn’t that at ease going inside — as the roof looked like it could collapse at any moment. (Besides, empty churches are a tad scary.)

There is a huge construction site right next to it, but the abandoned church is protected from demolition because it is listed as a heritage location, under the name of Fangji Hall (芳祭阁堂). But I’m not too reassured. What investment companies can’t or won’t do, perhaps rain and time will.

Anyway, the usual applies. Take a good look, and take a picture before it’s gone.

PS: There’s also a useful article on WeChat about it, with pictures taken from the internet.