All money is power

Money is power, a lot of people realise that. But they don’t apply that knowledge while spending their money. It’s not like, when you have heaps of money, you suddenly got power. It goes gradually. Small amounts of money hold power as well.

See your money as a vote. Elections are constantly ungoing and never stop. Because when you spend money buying, whatever really, you are supporting that company.

Let me use the following example:
Some people and I where in the Rotterdam CBD around 1 AM. We where getting a bit hungry but nothing urgent really, we could eat in the city or use our own food at school. We saw this small bakkery where you could eat simple sandwiches for the steap price of €2,50. I passed. Trading my €2,50 for a simple sandwich didn’t look like a good deal to me. My friends however, did buy several sandwiches, but they later admitted they where too expensive. So there you have it, they wern’t content with the service of the bakkery, but still voted for the company.

In a way I did vote as well. Not buying anything at their company is a way of voting no. No for it’s existance. So when you look at it like that, all money is power.

I hope, and this is probably in vein, that people, or, customers, use their money with more concience. More intellectual purchases would lead to a better market. A market where good companies are rewarded and bad ones are punished.

Because even though we have a free market system practicly everywhere in the world, how can it be a free market if your purchases are not responsible intellectually?

Just my two cents…