11 ways to boost your brainpower

Do new things
Go wine tastings, go diving, I don’t know. Do something new. Don’t make life a time-serving routine.

Sleep well
Have at least 8 hours of sleep a day. It’s difficult but c’mon, get some discipline. Too many studies have shown that sleep is important.

Do sport
A bit obvious, though many people skip this. Your brain is part of your body and if your body is in shape, it’ll help your brain be in shape.

Eat the right food
A Ferrari won’t go far if you poor water in. Eating the right food will massively help your brain on the long term. Read more about it here.

Be curious
Question everything, all the time. Learn about things that are unrelated to your profession.

Write about you
Make a journal about your life. Read old entries. It’s surprising how much perspective it’ll give you and activate your brain in unexpected ways.

Listen to music
Listening to music will help you relax and enjoy it. Stop the music if you have to concentrate.

Don’t just read your friend’s activities on Facebook. Read books and newspapers.

Take time to play
Not everybody likes games but everybody likes to play. Play socially or alone.

Make friends
Strong emotional bonding increases your brain power, as well as socialising

Try scent activation
This is a technique that with time will allow you to achieve a higher state of creative consciousness. Simply create a strong aroma whenever you need to concentrate and be creative.