Yangpu during the Shanghai lockdown

Day 50 and I got a rare “临时出门单”, so I walked around the Yangpu district for a few hours, which is the hardest-hit area in Shanghai now.


Main roads have some traffic, but curbs are empty — except for around the area of two hospitals I passed. I saw many seniors who had to walk there, often an old lady pushing her husband or vice versa.


Everything is closed. I don’t know where delivery guys get their goods from. Some pharmacies are open but only hand out medicine through the door which is only slightly opened.


Many roads are fenced off on the sides or across. Some roads are only accessible through a police check. Trash or empty crates are stacking up on the curb.


I saw some tents and other people sleeping in their cars. In other places, underwear hung out to dry is one of the clearest signs of life.


The vaccine station in Wujiaochang isn’t open but once Yangpu starts opening up I’m sure many people will get their shots here.


Other places are deserted and it’s magical and sinister.



These words get often used but today it honestly felt post-apocalypse.


A yellow layer lays on everything after no steps here for a long time. Sometimes a stray cat jumped out and scared me.


Some people I met.


One of the thousands of permanent PCR testing stations across Shanghai, conveniently next to GoEast Mandarin.


This is where I took one of the shots during the outbreak in 2020, and I’ve always had that scary, cold & rainy-night association with it. It’s weird to be here again in a similar situation (day shot).

I love these streets. They’re home to me.

Some more photos here: