Working in Zhangjiang hi-tech park

Working in Zhangjiang hi-tech park (张江高科技园区).

Our latest portable prototype is missing, everybody panics. We watch the security camera. In the evening it’s charging on the edge of a table, but then falls on the floor as someone bumps against the table.

Then in the early morning it’s thrown away by the ayi. The guy responsible spends half an hour searching through the trash outside the building, coming back inside the office holding it like a trophy: “Got it!”

About 80 Chinese people in this office, and me being the only foreigner. I’m managing almost a dozen people. I led a small team after I had just graduated, in 2015, I wasn’t ready then. I hope I am now.

It’s two months now that I’ve been working at this tech company. Lots of young colleagues, extremely smart but perhaps a bit inexperienced, searching. And managers don’t always have time for their questions.

They’re all well-educated though, familiar with foreign media as well. They freely use Reddit or other social media. Our video editor realizes he needs a piece of software and without thinking opens PirateBay.

Lots of Razer products and LCD lights around in the office, fancy keyboards and custom mousepads. Makes me want to splash money on Taobao as well. Someone’s laptop wallpaper is “早日退休” (Retire early).

In the morning there’s a colleague blasting super loud Japanese pop music through the office. At first I think he forgot to connect his Bluetooth headphones but then I realize he isn’t wearing any, nodding to the beat & looking around to see if colleagues approve of his playlist.