The empty town in Shanghai

A trip to a deserted old movie set today, in the far southeast of Shanghai. Dongxu Village (东旭村) will probably soon be wiped off the map, but movies like Green Snake (青蛇) were filmed here, over 30 years ago.

I found it when looking for old towns on Xiaohongshu, including a tip to find the hidden hole in the wall to enter the area. All the houses were thoroughly emptied. Some had already collapsed, and everywhere weeds have grown to shoulder height.

There were loads of warnings sprayed on houses saying it’s forbidden to enter, but who can stop the curious?

An old tea house (probably).

A pawnshop.

An old restaurant and pavilion.

Two old paifang (牌坊) gates.

Temple (but locked). We did not want to trespass on any holy grounds.

In the end, I’m happy we didn’t get caught as we’re obviously not meant to be here. A fifty-kilometer ride to get here. I love these parts of Shanghai.