Strategic lawn mowing


Have you ever heard about strategic lawn mowing before?
It’s like normal lawn mowing – but smarter.

You see, instead of just rolling out your lawn mower and mindlessly rushing to the closest patch of grass available, you stop and look over the about-to-be-cut lawn and analyse your battlefield. Think about the path you’re going to follow. Make a plan. See if you can avoid doing some parts twice, or trampling the ‘to-be-cut’ grass with your feet before actually cutting it (as that’ll stamp it flat and you won’t fully mow it).

Now, this may all sound a bit geeky, but for me, strategic lawn mowing is iconic for life. There are many things found boring by people, but if we all give into the temptation of acknowledging they’re boring; don’t we make life boring ourselves?

Know one thing; it’s not always about the result. Your lawn will probably look the same whether mowed strategically or stupid. But as often in life, ‘how’ is more important than ‘what’.

Challenge yourself and everything around you.
Don’t make life a chore, and let the fun be in the chase.