Shanghai’s old hospital

I decided to enter this art deco building at 505 Dong Changzhi Lu, as it seemed totally deserted when I entered. Inside I discovered it to be be an old seamen’s hospital, built by colonialists in 1934. As I explored more inwards — and just as I sent a photo to my friend — I started to hear dog barks, both from the entrance as well as from the back of the building — echoing through the corridors. “At least she knows where to find me if I’m eaten alive by dogs”, I thought to myself. I turned a corner and saw a dog blocking the path, barking my way. Yet then I saw a person move passed a distant doorway, and it turned out to be the guy who brought water to the dogs. I followed him outside as he chased the dogs away, my heart still racing. Only then did I finish my message to my friend to tell how stunning a place this is.