Scorching Songjiang

The playing, the rider, and the painted (Songjiang today).

I’ve sinned a bit. 4A and 5A tourist attractions in China are horrible, but we did go to Guangfulin Relics Park (广富林遗址) today, which classifies as 4A. It was good though. Lots of old buildings on the huge premise, most if not all reproductions & a fantastic-looking museum.

We literally go underground (nice analogy to archeology) and move through eras, starting +4000 years ago. None of the stuff exhibited in this section is real but it’s fine, it feels like we’re in the movie theater.

Walking through a Qing Dynasty shopping street, I’m living the fantasy!

Then to 大仓桥 (Dacang Bridge) nearby, a bridge from the year 1626. It’s so hot though (‘feel temperature’ is 44°C), we don’t scan the whole area and flee back to the air conditioner of the car.