SBK 09 goes back to the root of racing games: Racing

Just want to say, I love this game. Absolutly love it. After playing MotoGP 3 this is such a relief. Here we have a game which takes back the game to one thing: racing. I played this on PC with a Xbox gamepad but it’s avaible for PS3 and Xbox too.

Without a doubt the best two-wheel racer of the moment. If you put tractioncontrol off, or even medium, you can go full-throttle exiting corners to perform a powerslide with great accuracy. If you put to much throttle on (things can get sensivite in the wet) you’ll end up with a highsider.

The whole racing part makes this game great. The “feel” of the bike althought I would suggest you don’t use a keyboard on PC.
There isn’t any career mode but the Championship mode is enought. You get FP1, Q1, Q2, FP2, Warmup, Race1 and Race 2 and then onto the next weekend! All 13 tracks are in the game with great detail.

Not all the teams and riders are in there because a lot of transfers have happened during the 2009 season, and the SBK field is BIG! But there are 27 riders in the game, including all the big ones. You can ride the BMW, Aprillia, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Ducati with all the teams.

Lastly, graphics are really great. Music might be annoying but I always race without music anyway.