Peter Kowalski


After studying at the Krakowska Akademia in Poland, Peter Kowalski started He uses it as platform to sell his fantastic typographical wordplays, as tshirts and a few other things, such as stickers and iPhone cases. Tees aside, his promotion of the website is pretty clever as well, using various social media sites. Time to ask him a few questions.

Wordboner consists of some very smart text. Are you going to be smart here as well?
Like most people, I’m only smart when I’m drunk.

Why do you make these shirts? Is this your form of critique on the world?
It’s a form of an outlet, a form of psychotherapy even. I do believe that most people -myself included- need a some kind of reminder every now and then. We’re stuck with our busy lives, going everywhere but nowhere in particular, we’re glued to our mobile phones and computer screens and sometimes it’s good when a poster saying “WAKE UP” pops out.
Often, the quotes are very personal, and are a reflection of what’s going on in my life. But it’s in no way a critique of the world. The world is not to be critiqued – it is what it is. If we wanted it to change, to be different, wouldn’t it have changed by now?

What’s your favourite word?
That changes. I don’t have a favorite movie, a band or a song, either. You can’t stick to one thing, name it your favorite and call it a day. I have a lot of words I like: persuasive, ambiguous, fuck, starved, alienated, ambivalence…but I wouldn’t know where to begin to pick one as a definite favorite! I believe that the moment you choose a favorite something, you don’t grow anymore, at least in that particular direction.

Can you encapsulate the art of writing?
Writing is great – it lets you visualize the feelings and opinions, which may sound different once they’re out and in the open and on writing then they were inside of your head. I’m pretty dyslexic when it comes to that, it’s hard for me to remember a piece of information unless it’s written down and I can see it. That form of disability, I suppose, started Wordboner.

How do you find the right font and design for your statement?
It’s a feeling. I play around and when I get the feeling it’s right, it’s right. It’s right for that moment, a lot of times I look at past designs and I would change a lot, but it’s in that moment in time, it was created under some kind of feeling, so it must have been right.
There are no rules! There are time frames I like to stick to – I publish a new project every 2-3 days at midnight CEST. I’m very pedantic when it comes to that. Even though I’m sure nobody notices exactly when new wordbonerisms are being posted. Plus, I try not to repeat myself too much with subjects, colors or techniques… OK, I guess there are some rules.

Is being creative reserved for everyone?
Absolutely. I always encourage people to create. Even if it’s nothing major, even if they’re sure it’s worth nothing. Each creation is a form of outlet, which is good for the soul and at the same time it’s a form of expression of that soul. A lot of people write me about getting creative, and I have to tell you, it’s the best feeling. If you don’t create, you don’t exist.

What’s the future of Wordboner?
The concept of future is scary, really. Wordboner is growing, slowly but surely. Which is fine for me – it’s not supposed to be a major company or a huge project that will gather a lot of attention for 5 minutes. But if it grows further, I’ll be happy, too.