Nanbei Lake

We stayed at Nanbei Lake (南北湖) which is a nice (yet a bit touristic) lake on the edge of the Zhejiang province. It’s all new roads and bridges, and newly planted trees and flowerbeds.

Plus 美女 being photographed.

Hellobike (哈啰单车) is also expanding to these sites. Family bikes and even electric ones you can simply open with the QR code.

The interesting bits are actually off the side, like old restaurants that will be demolished and picking oranges (most are sour!). And apparently, you shouldn’t pick figs, their milk is super sticky.

There’s a mountain here with a view of the lake and a temple dedicated to Guanine, who supposedly stayed here one night on her way to Putuo Mountain (普陀山).

The character 佛Fó (Buddhism) and the radical on the left 人Rén (person) is actually a person.