Lots of history, but we’re just casually observing in Songxicun

Songxicun (嵩溪村) today, with buildings from different centuries. Lots of history here, but we didn’t really study all the plaques or Baidu, we just had a quiet day in between the rain showers.

Amazing woodwork here in this temple. No visitors around, just corn left to dry.

The village has two creeks coming together, one is between the buildings, the other underneath them.

Lots of old slogans on the wall. No idea in which decade these were put on, which could change the message a lot.


Paper-tied dragon (纸扎龙). I’m not sure if it’ll be burned or not, but it’s probably used to honor/bless the dead. These stand for ‘风调雨顺’: Smooth and favorable conditions.

Prettiest lotus in the village.