We’ve lived 2021

We’ve lived 2021.
In the future, you’ll remember the big accomplishments from 2021, but will you remember how they felt? The worries you felt were significant, the little joys that found their way, the hopes you had.

Historic events will be reduced to paragraphs on Wikipedia, your feelings dulled by time. Write them down before these feelings get lost. Looking back on the past is vastly different than living it. So take a moment to be grateful for everything that happened and didn’t. The things we lost and the things we gained.

在未来,你会记得你今年大的成功,但你会记得你的感受吗? 你所感受到的担忧很重要,找到的小乐趣,你当时有的希望。 历史把发生的事情放在百度贴上,你自己的感觉没那么清楚。这些感觉消失之前,除非你把它们写下来。 回忆过去与生活在那一段时间不相同。因此,感谢一下今年发生的事情也没有发生的事情。 我们失去的东西和我们得到的东西。新年快乐!


Jaap Grolleman