In Nanhui

Today in Nanhui (南汇), a town in the far southeast of Shanghai.

The outline of the old city center (and streets named after gates) still exists on the map, but we could find no sign of old city walls anymore.

We did come across a great park though, 古钟园 (Age-old Bell Garden).

And this is why it’s called ‘Age-old Bell Park Garden’ (I guess).


One shushu is angry, not sure why, and is yelling at others. Two ayis in the back say “Let’s go” and start to play and sing — and with music, peace arrives. (Eva is joining in.)

We did go to the Pudong History Museum (浦东历史博物馆). It does a good job of showing Pudong isn’t just ‘the other side of the river’, showing Pudong’s long history with towns and sea dikes. Free entrance (but not a lot of signs in English).