Hells Bells

We tried to visit the 贺九岭 temple in Cangshu (藏书) Suzhou (famous for its lamb meat), but it was closed. Because of covid? Because of it being Saturday? Not sure, but we couldn’t go in to burn some incense.

Next to it is a mountain though. Eva decided to stay in the air-conditioned car but I went up, just as two guys from Changshu (常熟) arrived. “Oh yeah we also want to climb the mountain”, despite the blazing heat. They followed me, one keeps up — the other we meet again when we’re on our way down. He sat down (he’s also wearing a massive Rolex, not sure if it’s a real one), and ACDC’s “Hells Bells” blasts from his smartphone on full volume. He ran out of water and is happy to see us.