Going for gaps that exist

56 years ago today, Ayrton Senna was born. If you ever watched the 2010 documentary ‘Senna‘, you might realise how inspirational the man was.

One example. When Ayrton Senna collided with Alain Prost at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix in 1990, both retired from the race, ensuring Senna his second title in Formula 1.

Afterwards, three-time Formula 1 World Champion Jackie Stewart questioned Senna’s racing ethics, saying he was willing to take risks other drivers wouldn’t. Senna simply replied: “If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver.”

That’s as true for racing drivers, as it is for anything you do. In life or work, many opportunities come by, equivalent to gaps in motor racing. Whilst it might be the fastest way to a stressful life, for me, going for gaps that exists is the only way.