Fudan’s Mini-MBA in Chinese Business

Why is so much education, even in 2019, still held in classrooms and not on screens? You could take the world’s best teachers on any subject, pay them like a rockstar, and simply record seminars. The quality (in theory) should be much higher, always available across the world.

Maybe the first law of thermodynamics applies to anything and technology destroys as much as it creates — and it’s the waste of being in a physical location that makes it so good. The company visits, the jokes with the professors, the chit-chat during lunch or in the bus. As classmate Anthony also said, I learned as much outside as inside the classes — grateful for the vastly different personas, almost a cult movie cast. And this is what made Fudan’s Mini-MBA such a wonderful week, instead of just a collection of seminars. 谢谢大家。