Fresh again

I actually like moving. Yeah, it’s a bit of trouble, but you get a whole new neighborhood to explore.

New roads to cycle, new shops to search for stuff on the shelf, and new restaurants with new dishes to try.

Just by physically moving all your stuff (and throwing away maybe 20% each time), everything feels fresh again.

This is now my 9th time moving in 5½ years in China, and each time further out of the city center. As I’ve more familiar and grounded in China, that has somehow been the natural direction of where I’ve been taken.

After unpacking the boxes, I wanted to visit the old station of the Shangchuan Railway (上川铁路) right away, after a tip from Jeffrey from Historic Pudong.

And visited this Catholic church, which — if I’d disimagine the Chinese signage at the gate — could just be at my mom’s hometown as well. Maria here even has that same sad and judgemental look in her eyes.

And peanuts being roasted outside the shop. That’s another thing you won’t see in downtown Shanghai and why I like this area so much.