Freelance writing in Shanghai

Freelance copywriter in Shanghai

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve written well over a hundred articles for media such as China Daily, Fonk Magazine, Adformatie, Marketingfacts, BadgerGP, Virtual Racing School, SalRacing, Freunde von Freunde, iGP Manager, Stadsleven, Duurzaamheidskompas and OneWorld. I’ve also translated Derek Sivers’ book ‘Your Music and People’ into Dutch.

On this website, I’ve written over 300 articles and nearly 100 book reviews. I also post snippets of daily Chinese life in Shanghai on my Instagram.

Freelance writing in Shanghai

Factory visit ShanghaiI live in Shanghai since the summer of 2018, and I’ve also done several freelance writing assignments for media, both Chinese and international media, including interviews and factory visits (photo). These took place in Shanghai and the surroundings (Shanghai Songjiang, Nantong, or Suzhou Jiangsu). I can interview local people both in Mandarin (my level is well beyond HSK4) and in English, and sometimes an interpreter accompanies me.

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